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Juliet Vo


A multi-disciplinary Art Director and Writer living in Los Angeles, I currently work at The Laterals Media as Editor-at-Large. I like creating smart work across all media and specialize in finding ways to blend new technology with craftsmanship, humor, and heart.

In 2018, my first feature screenplay placed in the prestigious AFF.

Juliet is a creative force - she’s incredibly resourceful which is a product of her passion, dedication and commitment to the arts.
— Eric Ro, Co-Producer of Luce


The biggest mistake I see brands making is creating and marketing a product as if it existed in some alternate universe where poverty, war, and ignorance do not exist. As if people are willing to be content with cheap thrills.



Respect your audience. Be committed to the ongoing conversation for a more beautiful life. Want to go viral? Connect with everyone?

Create with a 360 mindset.

Stop creating for some imaginary target group.

Stop appealing to the 1%.

That’s what my Friends and I aim to do, this journey has been a rewarding test of patience second to only my relationship with my fur baby. But it’s well worth it because our creations end up becoming our legacy :)